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Celebrating Graduation Day


Pathfinder Youth Alumni Council,
Pathfinder Peer Mentoring Program, and Pathfinder Legends

Thank you to your generous support and contributions during the 2023 Gala, the foundation was able to award scholarships to 14 deserving Pathfinder Youth Alumni. Congratulations to our scholarship recipients. Our Class of 2023 awardees are Carlos, Abel, Enrique and Melissa. Due to the amazing support of our donors we were able to provide additional scholarships to Pathfinder Alumni Youth Council Volunteers: Alessandra, Ashley, Catalina, Elizabeth, Ibely, Natalie, Omar, Eduardo, Daisy, Diana.

Please browse through our Scholarship Recipient Section, Testimonials and Samantha's video to see the amazing work our youth are embarking in their adopted college community.  Please connect via our Youtube channel to see more videos. Thank you to everyone who donated to the Pathfinder Alumni Scholarship Dream Fund.


 Thank you to the success of the 2023 Benefit Gala were able to provide $30,000 worth of scholarships. Your support is impacting change in our community.


Tickets to our 2024 Benefit Gala Dinner are now available for purchase.


The Gala Dinner and Award Recognition Night  will benefit  Peer Mentoring Programs, SelfCare for wellness project, Financial Literacy, and higher education workshops. The event will be held at La PLaza De Cultura y Artes on June 8, 2024. RSPV By mailing in your check or reserving your seat via the GALA EVENT PAGE.


Sponsorship levels are also available, please contact for more information.

We are actively looking for Volunteers who are insterested in impacting change in our community. You don't have to be a graduate to join our volunteer team. 


Our newly created Pathfinder Youth Council will help future generations of Pathfinders. If you are a recent graduate or Alumni 2000 and beyond lets work together. It is our mision to build leaders  who are philnatrophic in their careers. Together, we can help our youth continue to Persevere.

Pathfinder Peer Mentoring Program is underway, and we are thankful for youth and board members donating time to mentor the next generation of voices for our community.

In addition, we are working hard through the Pathfinder Legends Project. It is our dream to leave a Legacy of Positive Role Models for future generations. If you a Fremont Alumni, paving the way for our youth, please help us share your story to inspire our community.


Please submit a biography and resume to



Educator Award Honorees


“It is important for all of us to appreciate where we come from and how history has really shaped us in ways that we might not understand.” 

Sonia Sotomayor

We are thankful to all our educators who give of to our youth through education.  Your guidance and direction paves the way to youth rising above and pursuing their dreams.

This year we honor Ms.Marisol Perez and  Mr. Jacorie Gray Jr.

Some of our previous honorees include: Mr. Herbert Niebergall (2013/16), Mrs. Moraca (2014), Coach Garcia (2016), Coach Sullivan (2015), Ms. Claudia Gossard (2016), Mr. Gray Sr. (2017) & Mr. Fred Aldrich (2017), Mrs. Mary Hoover(2018), Ms. Silvia Carranza (2018), Mr. Lowe (2018), Ms. Phuong Nguyen (2019), Mr. Roberto Gonzalez (2020), Ms. Jenna Washington (2021), Ms. Evelyn Constanza (2022), Mr. Ja'Corie Gray (2023), Ms. Marisol Perez (2023)>


Thank you to all of our honorees for your continuous dedication to our Pathfinder youth and community.

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