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The Fremont HS Alumni Foundation was founded in 2011 by South Central Los Angeles Alumni. We are a grassroots foundation entering our twelve year and our ninth as an official nonprofit. The foundation became an official 501 c(3) in 2014.

The Fremont High School Alumni Foundation started with the goal of educating on the importance higher education awareness to break the barriers of our community. In 2012, The Pathfinder Educational Scholarship Program was established to inpire and motivate youth in their pursuit of  higher educational goals. Through the years, the foundation continued to mentor scholars during their first year of college.

The current statistics shows 87% of the scholars are first time generation college students. Therefore, in 2022, the Board developed the Pathfinder Peer Mentoring Program  as part of our mission to provide guidance and support to the scholars during their college years. And provide tools for success through thier journey.


In addition, over 30% of youth live in single parent family homes.  Also, the most current research shows 40% of children are living in poverty. The Board felt it was critical to establish a Pathfinder Alumni Youth Council Volunteer Program to engage in social justice issues awareness, and raise empowered voices who will change the narrative of  economically disadvantage communities.

In 2022, we develop an academic training program through Master Classes which cover Financial Literacy, Higher Education, Mental Health and Advocacy. We want to encourage youth in their path to personal and career success. We are proud to be part of a community who cares about the future of South Central Los Angeles and John C. Fremont High School Youth.

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ADVOCACY engaging youth through social justice education and the importance of equality, diversity, unity, and collaboration.

EDUCATION educating youth on the importance of higher education as a tool for success and understanding.

EMPOWERMENT  developing future 

generations of empowered voices. 

FINANCIAL LITERACY developing a generation of financial leaders who will help empower others to break the cycles of poverty.

HOPE inspiring a future generation to never give up and reach for their dreams. 

MENTORING providing guidance and support  to scholars in their college career. Developing future philanthropist who will give back to their community.

MENTAL HEALTH educating youth on the concepts of self-care  to live a healthy and purpose driven life.

RESILIENCE  Developing resilient voices through the Pathfinder Alumni Youth Council  who will become leaders in their community and careers. The future advocates who will change the world and bring unity, community among communities of color.

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