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Fostering Future Leaders: Cultivating "El Si Se Puede" the Journey of the Fremont High School Alumni Foundation

In 2011, a passionate Fremont High School alumna saw a profound need for Alumni at her alma mater to serve as role models; and the importance to heightened awareness of higher education to change the path of the narrative of youth raised in South Los Angeles (South Central). Motivated by this vision,Neyda spearheaded the creation of the Fremont High School Alumni Foundation, gathering fellow alumni to help establish what would soon become a messenger of hope to Fremont youth. By 2014, through the tireless efforts of dedicated alumni including Jorge Hernandez, Luis Cabrales, Pablo Mejia, Maria Bautista, Ana Hinds, and founder Neyda Yaneth, the foundation was formally recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Now in its thirteenth year and tenth as an official nonprofit, the Fremont High School Alumni Foundation (FHSAF) continues to thrive as a grassroots foundation, deeply rooted in the community it serves. The foundation’s core mission has always been to dismantle the barriers that many youths in the community face, by fostering higher education awareness and supporting their academic ambitions.

In 2012, the Pathfinder Educational Scholarship Program was launched, providing scholarships to Fremont seniors and proudly noting that 87% of the recipients are first-generation college students. This program not only offers financial support but also serves as a crucial motivational tool, encouraging students to pursue their educational goals with vigor.

Recognizing the need for ongoing support beyond financial assistance, in 2021, the FHSAF board established the Pathfinder Alumni Youth Council Volunteer Program. This initiative empowers scholars to engage in discussions affecting their communities with social justice issues and advocate for change, transforming them into informed and vocal citizens.

The following year, the Pathfinder Peer Mentoring Program was developed in coordination with the Alumni Youth Council to offer guidance and support to scholars throughout their college journey. The board also facilitated various educational workshops focusing on critical areas such as financial literacy, higher education navigation, mental health, and advocacy. Many of the workshops have been led and taught by the advisory Board Council: Dra. Ana Romero, Dra. Ana Salgado, Jorge Hernandez, and Certified Nurses within the Mental Health Field.

In the summer of 2023, the Foundation introduced its Summer for Self-Care and Wellness Project. This project provided scholars with unique experiences like hiking, beach days, and cultural museum visits, coupled with workshops aimed at teaching self-care strategies to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

As the FHSAF looks to the future, we are thankful for the Board of Directors Jaime Lopez, Javier Sanchez, Neyda Yaneth; and advisory Board Members, Dra. Salgado, Dra. Romero, Jorge Hernandez, Pablo Mejia, Ms. Carranza, and Mr. Niebergall for their hard work and dedication to serving Fremont youth. Also we are thankful for family, teachers, administrators and friends who have helped us pave the way.


The foundation is dedicated to uplifting the youth of John C. Fremont High School and South Central Los Angeles. Through its continued efforts, the Foundation not only envisions but is actively cultivating a generation of leaders by providing tools, resources to help them build a positive mindset and to believe that indeed, "sí se puede" — yes, it is possible. Fremont Alumni. family, friends, teachers, supporters believe in the future generation and the community.

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ADVOCACY engaging youth through social justice education and the importance of equality, diversity, unity, and collaboration.

EDUCATION educating youth on the importance of higher education as a tool for success and understanding.

EMPOWERMENT  developing future 

generations of empowered voices. 

FINANCIAL LITERACY developing a generation of financial leaders who will help empower others to break the cycles of poverty.

HOPE inspiring a future generation to never give up and reach for their dreams. 

MENTORING providing guidance and support  to scholars in their college career. Developing future philanthropist who will give back to their community.

MENTAL HEALTH educating youth on the concepts of self-care  to live a healthy and purpose driven life.

RESILIENCE  Developing resilient voices through the Pathfinder Alumni Youth Council  who will become leaders in their community and careers. The future advocates who will change the world and bring unity, community among communities of color.

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