About us


The Fremont HS Alumni Foundation was founded in 2011 by South Central Los Angeles Alumni. We are a grassroots foundation entering our tenth year, and have awarded over fifty-five Scholarships. The foundation became an official 501 c(3) in 2014 and all donations are tax deductible. Our Mission, " Empowering change in our community by helping build future leaders through the advancement of higher education" embodies our vision, values, and goals to the importance of helping build future leaders through higher education. We believe education is a key element to rising above the challenges faced by youth in our South Central LA community.  Education helps our youth become empowered to pursue their dreams despite the obstacles in their environment. Hence, empowering change within themselves to rise,and return to help make a positive impact in their community. Our main objective to motivate, inspire, educate  our inner city youth living in poverty stricken neighborhoods by awarding scholarships and mentoring the scholarship recipients through their college years. 



Empowering change in our community by helping build future leaders through the Advancement of higher education.


Vision Statement

Our Vision to empower change in the community by instilling the values of the importance of higher education. We believe through higher education our youth can become agents of change by returning to their communities that are struggling with high poverty rates and crime. In order to decrease the poverty rate, crime rate, and violence  our youth and higher education are a key elements to helping our communities rise above.

Values Statement

We value our  youth, family, unity, and community and the importance of higher education as a key element to help build future leaders that will empower change.  


Goals and Objectives

Providing Scholarships to deserving Seniors pursuing their dreams of higher education.

Providing Scholarships to deserving student (s) in Alternative curriculum program.


Provide mentoring to scholarship recipients in coordination with the Scholarship Program to provide guidance and support through their college career.

Fighting poverty through higher education awareness.


To help our students and community rise above all challenges through the advancement of higher education.


Honor Teachers and Alumnus for their contributions to the school and community through the Pathfinder Legends of Excellence Oral History Project.


Raise money to support this mission by contributions, and annual fundraising event and or campaign.